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Open Arch 2004

In July 2004, BüroFriedrich presents the second edition of Open Arch: a three-week long series of artistic events with the participation of artists, magazine creators, filmmakers and musicians. Five days of each week will be dedicated to a genre: one week on films, one on magazines and one on music.

Open Arch is meant as a forum in which artists have the possibility to use our space and open it to the public as they like. It focuses on production, interaction and participation between the public and the artists. In that sense, the individual segments that will be presented during Open Arch are not exhibitions in a traditional sense.

In conjunction with a series of talks, the program intends to generate active communication between artist-producers and viewers. The core idea is to create a communicative space, in which the viewer is actively engaged.

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Film week (6-10.07.)

Four young international filmmakers - Catherine Vidal (Canada), Myrna Maakaron (Lebanon), Maziar Bahari (Iran) and Juan Pablo Felix (Colombia)- who have been working or living in Berlin in the last few months will present their latest films. These works, fiction, documentary or art work, are linked with the notion of “Culture Clash“. In the evening, their films – usually in presence of the director or producer - will be presented and then discussed with the audience.

Besides the screening of the films, BüroFriedrich presents for the first time in Berlin two Kino Kabarets, in which a group of young filmmakers from Berlin (Kino Berlino) and Hamburg (Hamburger Kino) will have to produce short films entirely made for the occasion in only 48 hours. Part of an international movement started up in Canada, their motto is Do well with nothing, do better with little and do it right now. Visitors in the daytime will be able to see the filmmakers at work in the Kino Lab held at BüroFriedrich. If you want to participate, let us know!

Magazine week (13-17.07.)

Magazines from Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Austria and Germany will be presenting much more than their latest issues. At different times throughout the exhibition, authors, editors, graphic designers and invited guests will be at BüroFriedrich, in order to introduce their magazines in person or through videos, performances, installations and events.

Viewers are given the opportunity to take part in these events, gain insight into the different concepts, working processes and positions of the magazines and meet their representatives.

Some of the magazines are new; others have been in existence for a long time. Emphasis is placed both on the visual appearance and content of the publications. The magazines focus on the fields of art, culture, politics and photography and have an interdisciplinary approach. On Friday evening, the magazine Techno (D/A) - which has a different name for each issue based on its changing font - will be released in a lounge party.

On Saturday there will be a panel discussion in English hosted by Jennifer Allen about the appearance, aims and cultural-political background/relations of the magazines exhibited.

Music week (20-24.07)

Several music artists using electronic equipment will present their work during the Music Week. The focus will be on experimental sounds, in some cases even constructed to interact with the audience. On Saturday there will be a panel discussion on Peripheric music hosted by Dr. Holger Schulze. Furthermore, BüroFriedrich will get plugged to Placard#7, the headphone-festival for headphone-people, which will make the music week accessible for people all over the world. In return, we will be able to listen via headphones to music made/played at the same time elsewhere in the world. This week will end with a party!



Arch 53
6.07.04 - 24.07.04

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opening hours: tue-sat 12-6 pm


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